From the Painting Table: Warhammer Dark Elves

One of my many projects in 2015 was a painting challenge, run by the fine fellas over at the Garagehammer Podcast. I don’t play Warhammer nearly as much as I do Warmachine/Hordes, but I suppose I don’t play that game too much either. In any event, I got a cheap lot of older Dark Elf models, and traded for a few more soon after. Connor got a small High Elf army, as well, and we’ve had some fun times throwing the little army elves against one another. I had way too many models unpainted, so I decided the Garagehammer challenge was just what I needed to get the painting done. Malekith, the Dark Elf leader on his dragon, was the most fun of all the models to paint. I’d say the Witch Elves, with all their hair and pointy bits plus high level of detail, were my least favorite. Please let me know what you think!


First Martians Painted!

I picked up the Mars Attacks Miniatures Game off Kickstarter a while back, and just got my first set of Martian grunts painted. These guys are super tiny, so please forgive the sloppiness on the eyes and other small details. They look pretty nice from tabletop viewing height!