I was geeky when geeky wasn't cool

My first book, I Was Geeky When Geeky Wasn’t Cool, is available for Kindle and in paperback! It’s a short collection of memories about growing up nerdy in the 1980s. There are loads of pop culture references ranging from Star Wars and Star Trek to Transformers and Super Friends. If you consider yourself a geek, you will find plenty to love in this book! Chapter titles include:

  • Sears, Strangers, and Shogun Warriors
  • The Duct-taped Crusader
  • The Night the Alien Knocked
  • Obsessionus Prime
  • Mix Tape Memories
  • Worst First Day of School Ever

Purchase a copy for Kindle through Amazon, or use the Paypal link below to get an autographed copy of the paperback!



MarkBook2_CoverMy second book is now available! Don’t Stop the Geekin’ is full of more stories from my childhood in the 80s, growing up in a world that was much less friendly to geeks than it is now. There are some funny moments, some cringey moments, and plenty of pop culture references that 80s kids will appreciate. Chapter titles include:

  • I Was a Second Grade Pencil Thief
  • The Summer of Ms. Pac-Man
  • A Tale of Two Johns
  • Knowing is Half the Battle
  • Mad Math: The Slope Warrior (Beyond Polygons)

Don’t Stop the Geekin’ is available now at Amazon’s Kindle Store. Use the Paypal link below for an autographed paperback copy.



8 thoughts on “Books

  1. I’m definitely going to get a copy of your book, and probably you have mentioned it in your book, but well, my two cents on the topic thereof…

    I was too a geek/nerd when geeky wasn’t cool at all. But the way I see geeks today seems to me that the vast majority out there nowadays, isn’t really geeky or nerdy.

    Back in the days, as we were still kids and teenagers, without any professions and achievements it was uncool to be a geek. But now, as grown ups and with many noteworthy examples, such as Bill Gates, everybody wants to be a geek.

    So, off they go, inventing a pantheon of classes of geeks, so they can, in a way or another, fit themselves as geeky. There’s the pop culture geek, the musical geeky, the technology geeky, the this-geeky, the that-geeky.

    But they are nothing but that very kind who back in the days used to bully, exclude and make fun of us.

    Now, still, they can’t get the hang of physics, boastfully tell everyone that they are “not a math person”, get overwhelmed when something is just too hard to learn, and simply do not have the least of a clue of how things really work.

    Everything they do is to read personal usage gizmos’ blogs and call it technology, thinking that knowing the release date and model of every cellphone brand in the market is knowing about technology.

    Well, I guess you get the picture… that’s why I think that nowadays people think that there’s a lot of nerds out there, while in fact, it’s still the same average number, just like in the past. I mean, for the real ones. For the rest, it’s just people who gave themselves the geeky title.

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