Stellar Warlords is Now Available in All Formats!

My latest book, Stellar Warlords, is now available in pretty much every single format known to humankind! How can you get your hands on a copy? Well, that depends on how you like to read books.

If you’re a digital reader, Stellar Warlords is available on the Kindle store. It’s $4.99 to purchase, or is available to read for free for those who use Kindle Unlimited.

Maybe you like a physical copy? You can order Stellar Warlords in both paperback ($11.99) or hardcover (19.99) through these Amazon links.

Here’s a little secret: you can get paperback or hardcover copies straight from me for the same price as through Amazon! FREE SHIPPING! I’ll even sign and personalize your copy!

But maybe you want MORE Stellar Warlords? For the first time ever, I’m offering an Exclusive Limited Edition Deluxe Bundle! The bundle includes a signed, personalized copy of Stellar Warlords in your choice of paperback or hardcover, plus the following exclusive goodies:

  • PDF/MOBI/EPUB copy of Stellar Warlords
  • 1.5″ Emperor Lar’sonis pin
  • 4″ by 6″ full color art print of the Stellar Warlords “comic book” style cover
  • Exclusive, never before seen microprose (450 words) story set in the Stellar Warlords universe
  • Three treats for your sweet tooth

The Deluxe Bundle costs $22 for paperback, and $30 for hardcover. Once the bundles are gone, they are gone. The microprose story will never be reprinted again.

To make an order, simply email me at marcallie at gmail dot com and I’ll get you taken care of!

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