The Ultimate M.A.S.K Toy – Rhino

Earlier this year, I picked up a nearly complete M.A.S.K. Rhino at a decent price. The Toy was missing only a couple pieces, and the chrome was in good condition, so I jumped on it. In the months since, I’ve kept my eye out for deals on the missing parts, got some repro stickers, and even took it apart to clean it up! Putting it back together was pretty nerve-wracking, let me assure you. I celebrated completing it by taking some pictures!

Rhino was one of the M.A.S.K. toys that my little brother and I had when we were kids, and I have great memories of playing with it. As much as I enjoyed it back then, I knew it was a must have in my adult collection. Just look at it! The toy is huge, and the magenta and black color scheme is striking. The stripes and chrome really set it off nicely. Rubber tires, missing on most modern toys, roll quite smoothly. It’s a big honking chunk of a toy in this mode, but of course that’s not all there is to it…

Rhino is driven by two heroes. Matt Trakker, when he’s not flying his Camaro, wears the Ultra-Flash mask in the big rig. Bruce Sato, with his anti-gravity Lifter mask, is his partner. But why would you need two drivers for one truck? That’s a great question…

It’s because this is no ordinary truck! Pull back on the sleeper compartment and lower the ramp to reveal a command center with launching missile. The rocket shoots out at roughly Mach 1 so be careful about that, by the way. The wind-foil moves forward to become a radar dish, and you can push a button in the back to extend the battering ram bumper. This is a very satisfying action. If a bad guy gets into the passenger seat, push another button to eject them right out! The smokestacks swing down to use them as guns, but silly me, I forgot to do that for these pictures.

The coolest part of Rhino, in my opinion, is pulling out the back wheels to make another vehicle! It’s a small ATV type thing for Bruce to drive. Seriously, how cool is that? I had to do a little home repair on the chrome hatch cover, but it turned out pretty nice. There’s just so much play value here!

I’m so pleased to have Rhino in my M.A.S.K. collection. More than any other toy, I knew I had to have this one, or the set wouldn’t seem right. It’s a wonderful centerpiece for the display. There are some other amazing toys in the series, I know. There are at least three more I want to find, at minimum. But I don’t think any of them will come close to topping the shelf presence, amazing look, play value, and most of all my nostalgia for Rhino.

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