From the Painting Table: Completing My Ultramarines Army

Recently, I finished painting the last Space Marine model in my collection, Roboute Guilliman. I decided I’d better take some pictures of him, and also all the rest of the army that I hadn’t put in a gallery here at the ol’ blog. Added to the pictures from previous posts, all my Space Marines are now painted and photographed. I definitely learned quite a bit from painting them, and there’s definitely an improvement from my first galleries to these. I’ve linked the other posts below. Scroll down for the new stuff!

From the Painting Table: Warhammer 40K Shadowspear Vanguard Space Marines

From the Painting Table: Space Marines Inceptors and Suppressors

From the Painting Table: Indomitus Space Marines

Roboute Guilliman

When I purchased this model, I knew it would be a challenge. I was really dreading all the filigree on the Ultramarines’ leader’s armor. I had avoided using metallics on the armor for my Space Marines, and was afraid the traditional gold color scheme would be out of place. Another consideration was how I could get the bone/tan arms to be noticeable. And so, Bobby G sat unpainted for six months, then half-painted for another half year.

In the end, I’m of mixed feelings. I think the final result is too traditional Ultramarine colors for what I wanted, but the gold and blue do work well together. I used a new type of sealer, and it left him a bit glossy, so I will probably dullcote that down some. Used him in a game and he performed quite well!

Primaris Intercessors

Not much to say about these fellows. They are the most vanilla of all the Space Marines in my army. I considered adding more colors to shoulder pads and trim, but in the end, decided against it. I did use more traditional highlighting over the Ultramarines Blue contrast for these, which makes them pop a bit more than the models I painted earlier. I think it’s OK for rank and file units like this to be a bit plainer than the more unique stuff in the army.

Eradicators and Bladeguard Veterans

I had painted units of both of these types already, but due to their effectiveness in game, I wanted to have more of them. The Bladeguard Vets came from the individual kit, giving me more options for weapons and posing. I decided to have them carry their shields on their backs, Captain America style, and wield pistols. These Eradicators are the same pose as my others, from the Indomitus box.

Redemptor Dreadnaughts

I’m a Transformers collector, so of course I was drawn to the giant robots! I found that using contrast paints for a model with large flat areas like these fellows left lots of blotchy coverage. I ended up going almost entirely traditional paints on these, with the exception of the hands. If I had to do it over, I’d go traditional on the whole model instead… the minor color differences irritate me.

Heavy Intercessors

This unit was the first one I decided to really take my time on, and paint them up right. I used more colors, did better highlighting, and was quite pleased with the results. Love the thicker armor on these chonky fellows! Unfortunately it’s hard to fit them into my lists, but that’s part of playing 40K, I guess.

Primaris Repulsor

The local game store had a sale on vehicles, so I picked this up. Like the robot guys above, I used mostly traditional paints for this, with the exception of contrast paint on the turret, which turned out really nice due to all the details. It was very hard to match the turret color with my other paints on the stripe at the front… in hindsight, should have left it blue or maybe my other accent color, red. Still a fun model to paint!

Various HQs and Elites

I’m not sure why, but it seems like I ended up with more character-type models than you can actually fit in a list! The techmarine loves the robots and vehicles, the apothecary keeps Marines alive and brings them back from the dead, and Tigurius (modeled with a helmet from a Primaris Librarian) is a great psyker. The small guy with the red helmet is a standard Lieutenant, using a model from a Space Marine board game, and is the only firstborn Marine in the army.

Group Shots

Here’s the whole group of these, all together. Yeah, that’s a lot of Space Marines! I’d take a picture of everything all together but I’d need a WIDE LENS camera for that lol.

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