From the Painting Table: Star Wars Imperial Assault Jabba’s Realm

As is true of most nerdy types my age, I’m a fan of Star Wars. I also love playing board games, especially those with miniatures. Star Wars Imperial Assault is exactly the kind of game I like to play. And a big part of the fun is painting the miniatures. Over the pandemic lockdown months, I finished painting up my base game and Hoth expansions, and you can check those pics out here.

The last big expansion for Imperial Assault that comes with a campaign in the app is Jabba’s Realm. I picked the set up earlier this year in anticipation of playing through a Tatooine-themed story. That hasn’t happened yet, but I did get to paint the miniatures, so I wanted to share those pictures here.

There aren’t as many miniatures in this set as in the base set, but it has roughly the same as the Hoth set. I went ahead with the same scheme I have been using: enemy groups painted in one color, with full-color on the player miniatures. The Walrus Man and Not-Greedo were really fun to paint as an old school Star Wars fan. The lady in blue Mandolorian armor turned out really nicely, as well.

With the advent of Citadel’s Contrast Paints, the enemy groups were much easier to paint than the others were before. Prime in white, a heavy coat of contrast in the color you want, and then it’s simply painting the base. The contrast Apothecary White doesn’t quite match the heavy drybrush from black to white I used on the other Stormtroopers, but I don’t really mind, as they still turned out nice.

Of course the big star of the set is the Rancor. Contrast paints plus standard paints for details did the trick for this guy. I think he turned out great, and since he’s too big to fit in the box I use for the minis, I just have him out with some other random minis on the top of my painting table. It feels great getting paint on the backlog of minis, and Contrast paints sure do make that process a whole lot faster. Can’t wait to get started on a campaign soon!

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