From the Painting Table: Indomitus Space Marines

The Captain figure is especially impressive!

I’ve been busy painting this year, though I just noticed that I had not posted any galleries here for some time. One project I had on the painting table that I got finished over the summer was the Space Marine half of last year’s Indomitus boxed set.

The basic recipe was the same for these as for the other Space Marines I have painted, using Contrast paints as much as possible. Arms and backpacks are Skeleton Horde, while heads and bodies use Ultramarines Blue (of course they do). The crimson was Blood Angels Red contrast when possible, P3 Skorne Red when not. Leadbelcher and Retributor Armor with Nuln Oil and Agrax Earthshade, respectively, was used for metallics.

I’m really pleased with the way these turned out. Though it can be tedious to paint so many similar looking figures, the end result is always impressive. I hope to have the rest of my Space Marines painted soon, and I will have another post for that up shortly after.

Bladeguard Veterans and Ancient



Assault Intercessors

HQ Choices

Group Shots


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