Comics on Display 2: The Obligatory Sequel

Recently, I decided to display more of my comics books in my home office/computer room/mancave/nerdvana. I had decided at first to display five, but that quickly became ten. (Read about choosing those ten here.) Turns out ten were not enough, so I got five more showcases and cleared off some more wall space.

The first step was removing a couple books from the first ten to move to the secondary display. This freed up two spaces in the first ten. One of those two slots just HAD to be a Silver Surfer. I was quite hooked on the character back during the late 80s and early 90s. Ron Lim’s version of Norrin Radd is definitive, and this run led to The Infinity Gauntlet saga. I love the character, and issue #34 was my choice due to the appearance of Thanos as well as the sweet cover.

The last spot in the display of ten goes to Green Lantern #51! Despite the conventional wisdom, not all 90s books are bad. This one is great! I loved Kyle at the time, and he’s still my favorite Green Lantern to this day. This first run by Ron Marz and Darryl Banks was superb. I recently reread several and they hold up well even today, which you can’t say about many 90s books!

With the new arrnagement of ten set, it’s time to show off the final five! While the first display is eclectic, with books that were personally meaningful to me, this one is more focused on a theme. It’s ALL Spider-Man. Specifically, all BLACK SUIT Spidey! Spider-Man’s changed costume was a big deal back in the day, and when I started “collecting” I was reading more Spider-Man than anything else. The first book here is Web of Spider-Man #1, with the gorgeous Charles Vess cover. This is a new addition to my collection. It’s just so pretty I couldn’t resist.

Another recent purchase made the 4th spot on the Black Suit Spidey display. Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man #101 features a masterful cover by John Byrne. His use of black and white to show the city and our favorite web-slinger is iconic. It was another must-have!

The final piece of the display is the biggest flex in my comic book collection. Amazing Spider-Man #300 is the third Todd McFarlane issue, and the first full appearance of Venom! I clearly remember purchasing thos one at my local comic book shop with lawn-mowing money. It’s in fair shape, despite being read and reread by me and my kids through the years. The most valuable book in my collection, by far. 30+ years later and I still love it!

I love the way they all look together. I’m quite pleased with the display. It was so much fun deciding which books from my collection to display, as well as what missing gems I wanted to find to add to my piles of comics.

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