Mars Attacks: The Miniatures Game Battle Scene Diorama

As I continue to work through my piles of unpainted miniatures, we now come to one of my favorite games: Mars Attacks: The Miniatures Game! I Kickstarted this way back in 2012 (I think, it’s been so long I can’t remember). I love the Mars Attacks trading cards, the movie, and when a hybrid board/miniatures game came out, of course I went a little overboard.

I usually try to paint a few Mars Attacks minis in between other larger projects, and I’ve gotten a large part of it painted now, so many years later. However, I just got the Giant Robot and Flying Saucer done recently. I decided to celebrate by making a huge battle scene! Using the city streets playmat and using the terrain I’ve got painted to set the stage was quite fun. Here are a few pictures of the little diorama, showing a fight between the invading Martians against the desperate soldiers and heroes defending humanity!

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