My Childhood G.I. Joe Collector’s Case

I started a fun project on Twitter (@marcallie) last month. I still have the G.I. Joe Collector’s Case I had as a kid. I played with the action figures inside, and so did my brother, both of my sons, who are now grown up, as well as some nephews and friends over the years. The Collector’s Case has spent the last five years on a shelf in our game room/garage, mainly as decoration.

I decided to catalog what was inside using photography. Many of the toys were broken, so I obtained some o-rings and other pieces from Ebay and learned how to repair them. I was really surprised by just how fun it was to open these up, one at a time, and move them to a display in my office.


The Collector’s Case

The Good Guys

The Bad Guys

The New Display


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