From the Painting Table: Space Marines Inceptors and Suppressors

Recently I finished painting my Primaris Space Marines from the Shadowspear boxed set. I was unhappy with the flight stands for the Suppressor units. They were flimsy and difficult to attach to the figures. I looked online for other options and purchased some cool smoke effect flight stands from Due to a mixup on my end, the wrong items arrived, and Tyson very helpfully allowed me to keep what he sent, then sent the correct items free of charge. Excellent customer service!

Here’s a look at the Suppressors with the new smoke effect stands. They were fun to paint!

I liked the looks of these so much I decided to purchase the units for the smoke effects I accidentally ordered first. These are Primaris Inceptors, using two guns instead of the long rifle of the Suppressors. I decided to paint the jetpacks red on these to help distinguish them on the table. I really like the way they turned out!

Thanks again to Tyson at! I highly recommend these smoke effects, and will probably shop there in the future.


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