Transformers Review: KO G1 Red Mirage

Got a fun little #Transformers review today: it’s RED MIRAGE! This is a KO, of course, not the real Diaclone deal. A $40 impulse buy… is this ‘bot worth it?

When you get a KO, you expect some issues here and there. Perhaps the worst is the thinness of the paint on the face. From straight on, you can barely see the paint, though the details appear better from a side view.

A few different angles… One leg doesn’t pull out all the way, giving him an offcenter look. I’d have preferred silver chrome but the gold is OK. Lots of fingerprints in the chrome, tho. Did not come with any missiles, sadly.

Alt mode is a nice one. There are “fit and finish” issues like a wobbly wheel and misalignment of the “CITANES” logo. Not bad overall, and it displays just fine.

Here he is next to my sorta-beat-up Mirage. They look really good side by side, I must admit. I’d put the KO below the quality of Hasbro G1 reissue in quality. Considering the red Diaclone is pretty much unobtainable, I’m glad to have any version of Red Mirage on my G1 shelf.

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