From the Painting Table: Stormcast Eternals Part 3

At long last, I have finally completed painting every model in my Stormcast Eternals force. There are well over 2000 points worth of models, if I estimated correctly. I believe my first purchase was May or June of 2019, so for just over a year, I’m pleased with the time I spent on this project. (You read check out my previous two posts with painted models here and here.)

I deliberately saved the biggest models for last. Painting dozens of smaller models that are very similar can get tedious, so I really wanted something fun to look forward to at the close of the project. They were quite fun to paint, particularly the mounts. The yellow Gryph-Charger really stands out; in hindsight, I wish I had used the yellow on Astreia’s beast instead, as the white/grey was a little plain on the textureless skin. I won’t be winning any painting trophies with this army, but the sense of accomplishment from getting them all painted is its own reward.



Neave Blacktalon


Astreia Solbright

Lord-Arcanum on Gryph-Charger

Vandus Hammerhand

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