From the Painting Table: Battle of the Planets/Gatchaman Themed Falconer’s Guild

I’m continuing to work through some older painting projects. For the Guild Ball tabletop game, I picked up a second team: the Falconer’s Guild. They are a fun team, play much differently than my Fisherman’s Guild does, and looked like fun to paint. I enjoyed the Scooby-Doo themed Fish so much I decided to go for another cool cartoon. For a cool, sort of ninja themed Guild that each have a bird partner, there was one clear choice: Battle of the Planets, AKA Gatchaman or G-Force.

Five characters with awesome color schemes to go with my five team members, it was perfect, right? Well, sort of, but let’s take a look at the individual team members first.

The Squad

Devana, the captain of the team, takes on the colors of Mark, the team leader. Mataagi gets moody Jason’s colors. Tiny is quite a bit more portly than Rundaas, but the color scheme really works. Ikaros was a bit of a challenge, and I ended up spreading Keyop’s unique color scheme across his wing apparatus. Last of all was Minerva, who looks good in Princess’ colors, down to the green hair. Note that my model had some mold damage, and I used green stuff to make her a ninja mask, with admittedly mixed results.

With the main team taken care of, I had to think about how to paint Frelsi, the team mascot, who is an eagle. She tends to play close to Devana, so I wanted the color schemes to complement. After some thinking, I decided to use the colors of the team’s ship, the Phoenix.

With the team thusly painted, I went to a Guild Ball tournament and had lots of fun. I ended up getting another model as prize support: Verteran Hearne. Though originally from the Hunter’s Guild, this version of Hearne can be used as a Falconer’s model. But what color scheme to use? It took me months to decide. After viewing an episode of Battle of the Planets (I’d only seen Gatchaman before), it became clear that I needed to paint Hearne up as 7-Zark-7, the robotic narrator added to the BotP adaptation. I then based his hawk partner on 1-Rover-1, his pet robot dog.

It was quite fun to paint these models up in the cool color schemes of an iconic cartoon. The Falconer’s Guild are a nice change of pace from the Fisherman’s Guild, and I think they look great on the table, too. Big thanks to for great pictures of the entire cast to use as inspiration.

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