From the Painting Table: Scooby-Doo Themed Fisherman’s Guild

Recently, I finished the last model in a project that had been ALMOST done for over a year. This project was painting my Fisherman’s Guild models from the game Guild Ball in a Scooby-Doo theme.

Wait, WHAT?

Yeah, some explanation is in order. I always like to play fully painted in tournaments, and I was running short on time. I had seen several monochromatic ghost-themed armies in a Kings of War event, and I wanted to try that. Guild Ball also features mascots, and the mascot for the Fisherman’s Guild was an adorable otter named Salt. I learned of a “chibi” style promo version of Salt (pictured below), and it struck me that Salt looked like Scooby-Doo.

Once I decided on a Scooby-Doo theme, it was time to decide which villain to use for the rest of the team. After doing some research, I decided to paint my Fishermen up like the Ghost of Captain Cutler from the old cartoons. He made a big impression on me as a kid! He’s a glowing green ghost covered in seaweed. The nautical theme made sense for a team composed of sailors.

Captain Cutler left glowing green footprints behind him, so I put those on my bases. Leaning into the Scooby theme, I 3D printed some small dog-bone shapes to decorate the bases. Scooby needs his snacks, after all. I was unable to find a good way to do the seaweed effects in time for the tournament, but I might go back and do that sometime in the future.

Anyway, here’s the models!

I actually won best painted team at the tournament, which was very cool! Turns out one of the prizes for the day was the actual “chibi” Salt model that had inspired the paint scheme. I offered to purchase it from the winner, and he graciously gave it to me instead! I’m quite thankful. Another friend found a Hot Wheels Mystery Machine for me to use as a goal marker.

Painting in the “chibi” style was quite a challenge. I’m not thrilled with the messy base on Salt, either. I’m looking into printing a small box of Scooby Snacks for him to have on his base to add to the theme. The Scooby-Doo Fisherman’s Guild theme was easy to paint and a lot of fun to get on the table. Everyone who has played against me so far seems to have enjoyed them!


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