Transformers Review: Generations Selects Seacons


I haven’t done a #Transformers mini-review in a while, but the Seacons are totally worth celebrating, so here we go! We begin with the biggest: Turtler! Or, his English name, Snaptrap. Here he is, in all his neon glory.

Turtler is quite impressive in robot mode. His large arms give him a gorilla-like stature. The feet are a bit small, and don’t support him very well. However, they do have ankle tilts, which helps this some. Love the cannons on the back! Face sculpt is quite good, very menacing.

Turtler comes with a large gun, a pink metallic sword, and a shield. All these pieces can be combined in various ways, providing lots of play value. The shield’s large size gets in the way of posing, but it’s needed for the combined mode chest. Really love this bot mode!

How about the alt mode, then? Turtler is… wait for it… a turtle! He’s an awkward, gangly turtle, with a shell to small for his body, but we’re not looking for strict biological fidelity, are we? He’s a terrifying turtle monster, and it works!

Turtle mode has a couple really bad angles, especially straight on the side, but he’s perfectly fine. All those ports on the shell allow him to hold weapons, which add visual appeal and make him even more formidable.

All in all, Turtler is great! I adore the color scheme, and his robot mode is superb. If you are just going to get one Seacon, “snap” Turtler up. But of course you won’t get just one, you’ll get six!


What’s that smell? Something fishy? Nope, it’s just Gulf/Skalor. Gulf is two shades of pink and bright teal. Very cool colors (I’ll be saying that a lot in this review.) Kinda looks like he has four legs in bot mode, doesn’t it?

The head sculpt is nothing special, but adequate. The gold face echoes the yellow accents and fish-mode eyes. Gulf comes with four weapons. By far the best are the two guns. Dual wielding rules!

Gulf’s tail turns into a gun. Cool in concept but not great in execution. The gun is loose and too heavy for his wrists. The sword, also, is strange. It has to be held backwards. Pointy edge should go forward, right? You can add his guns to his back, but… why would you?

So fish mode! Gulf is a coelacanth. A very cool alt mode. I think it’s one of the better alt modes of the lot. It looks great from nearly every angle. Transformation takes some getting used to, though.

You can add all four weapons to fish mode. The dual guns look great as back cannons. The tail gun, of course, is the tail. And the sword attaches underneath. I guess it’s better than nothing, right?

Final verdict: Gulf is a good toy. He has a colorful robot mode, and a very nicely done fish mode. The accessories are a bit wonky, but I can’t let it bother me too much when the end result is this pretty!


Seacon #3 incoming! This lovely lad is Kraken, AKA Seawing. Kraken is less DAYGLO than most of the other Seacons, but the color scheme is impressive nonetheless. He is a bit slight, and I really loathe that chest piece placement, but overall bot mode is fine.

The head sculpt is quite good, and I especially love the deep grooves on his forehead crests which give them an inked-in look. In addition to his two small blasters, Kraken has a larger gun and a rather bizarre axe which is obviously half of something else…

Kraken has both the best and worst alt mode of all the Seacons. The manta head looks deadly, and the swooping curves of the wings are very imposing. Then, you look underneath, and the legs look weird. Are they supposed to be that way? The tail is also unimpressive. A shame, eh?

As with most of the other Seacons, you can add all Kraken’s weapons to his manta-ray mode. The twin under-wing guns look good, and the large gun is a nice head cannon (pun intended). Add the half-axe thing for MOHAWK MODE.

Kraken isn’t a bad toy by any means. He’s just got some rather obvious flaws in each mode that unfortunately mar his otherwise great looks. The backward leg thing especially bothers me. Final assessment: Fine+.


I consider Lobclaw AKA Nautilator the second best of the lot, a smidge behind Turtler. He shares the wonderful color scheme of Kraken, but without that mold’s flaws. But is Lobclaw perfect? Read on…

Lobclaw has a faceplate, which bumps him up a few notches IMO. He has the awesome Wolverine-ish claws on his wrists, and comes with three weapons, all of which can be stored unobtrusively in both modes. One weapon is his alt-mode tail. It’s done way better than Skalor’s.

Here’s something fun: you can turn Lobclaw’s gun around and it makes a passable mace! The perfect weapon to pair with his shiny pink axe. Very Conan the Barbarian, isn’t it? Love this fellow’s robot mode. He’s simple and clean, alt-mode legs notwithstanding (PUN).

Alt mode is a mutant lobster, I think. It looks very good, apart from some weird kibble behind his neck. The only real issue is the black legs. There’s a small depression for them, but they don’t actually peg into place. It’s a shame, as otherwise this lobster is ROCKIN’! (PUN2)

Adding the gun to the head hides the neck kibble. Storing the axe underneath is a bit odd looking but actually helps keep the legs in place. The claws are well articulated and fun to play with. This is a great alt-mode, for sure.

I didn’t expect to like Lobclaw much, but he’s really great. The color scheme, simple but elegant bot mode, and nearly-flawless lobster mode combine to make a superb Seacon. He’s really good and worth the price, unlike most lobster I’ve eaten. (Cue canned laughter.)


One look at Overbite here and he really stands out from his team due to the purple. His claws are similar to Lobclaw’s, but smaller. I don’t like the lack of a hinge on his alt-mode feet, either. Still, he’s pretty in a Lisa Frank kinda way.

Overbite’s head sculpt is very strong. I love the noseguard! It protects where his nose would be if he had one. He’s got two weapons, a bright teal gun and a backwards-wielded sword just like Gulf’s. Standard stuff.

Alt-mode is what the D&D player in me would call a were-shark. Overbite pegs together nicely, and looks good from every angle. I really like how they handled the tail, it folds up and out in a display of good engineering. Sharks are cool, NEON sharks are cooler!

Overbite’s weapons pop on his back like metal remoras. Placement isn’t the best, but it looks fine. What isn’t fine? That purple color. None of the other Seacons are purple at all. Overbite looks like he doesn’t belong. I wish the purple was replaced by the light pink.

Overbite is still very, very good. The purple looks really nice from the individual toy perspective, but less so in a team display. This color and the huge, hingeless alt mode feet are my only gripes. Apart from these, Overbite is an amazing figure.


Submitted for your approval: Tentakil! In a very Twilight Zone twist, this aquatic robot is an extensive retool of a space truck. For real! The color scheme is very good, and I kinda like the explosion of tentacles… but that backpack kibble is yuck.

Tentakil has a slight build, similar to Kraken’s. The head sculpt is ugly, clearly the worst of the lot. I appreciate the uniqueness of the mold. But it’s not a very stable robot mode with all that mass hanging off the back.

Tentakil comes with a half-axe weapon and two small blasters which can be combined into one larger weapon. The axe thing is awkward, but the blasters are very nice. You can do all sorts of stuff with ’em.

Alt mode is what @tfwiki calls a squid monster. Works for me! For what is basically a truck standing on its back wheels, it really works. The paint apps on Tentakil’s face are amazing. I mean look at those clown lips! There’s hardly any kibble in alt mode, either.

You can add the weapons to squid monster mode, which is always a good feature. The twin guns can be rotated however you like, but the half-axe thing just kinda slots in on the back. I suppose one could arm Tentakil up by putting some guns on those squid arms!

In the end, I’d give Tentakil a solid B. It’s like if one of my students had a grand, crazy idea for a science project, and they went at it with full gusto, but it was just too much to make it work. I appreciate the effort more than the end result, if that makes sense.

Group Shots and Weapon Modes

Before we look at King Poseidon/Piranacon, I wanted to share some group pictures of the individual Seacons. As you can see, in alt mode, the color schemes really compliment one another well. The only exception is poor purple Overbite.

Overall, these are some solid alt modes. I really appreciate the extensive retooling that was done, as well as the gloriously excessive paint apps. The Seacons truly feel like a premium product.

In robot mode, Turtler towers over the rest, so regal! It’s shocking how well the outlandish color scheme works so when used across the entire team. Of the original combiners, only Devastator and Predaking come close to this level of team cohesion.

Again, though, that annoying purple! My previous experience with the Seacons was the reissue set, where the purple was more a dark pink, so perhaps that explains why Overbite seems off to me. Despite my misgivings, his scheme works as a nice complement to the rest.

With a sixth team member, and only 1 torso and 4 limbs needed, each Seacon has also a weapon mode for the combiner. Sort of! Some of them work better than others. I fiddled with a couple to make them look better than the “official” modes.

I think Lobclaw is the best weapon, while Tentakil is the worst. One of the best things about the set is the combined sword; it looks both elegant and deadly. It’s a nice weapon for King Poseidon himself…

King Poseidon

It’s time for the big finish! The final Seacon is the combined form himself: King Poseidon, AKA Piranacon! This is a gorgeous toy. My preferred limb configuration has the pink and blue bots on top and the black and teal bots on bottom.

King Poseidon’s head sculpt is hot fire! Regal and deadly at the same time. I love the chrome wing crests on his chest, too. The detailing and texture all over the toy are wonderful.

I used Overbite as the combiner’s gun. This pegs in to the hand using the combiner port. Unfortunately the limb-bot waist/knee joints aren’t sturdy enough to support the weight of it. The wonderful trident-sword is wicked cool!

Let’s talk toes! King Poseidon has all new feet with 100% rad hot pink claws. They are very sturdy as is, but you can peg spare hands in the back for more support. After taking the pics, I took these hands off and gave them to Liokaiser. King P stands fine without them.

I’ve also included pics of an alternative configuration, with teal/black arms and pink/blue legs. I think this is more “official”, but I don’t like Tentakil staring at me like that. You can combine all the Seacons’ guns in many different ways, which is lots of fun.

I’ve gotta HAND it to Takara/Hasbro, this is the best hand piece to date. Articulated fingers, flexible thumbs, and a hidden combiner port on top. These are wonderful and I wish we could purchase them separately. Pulse exclusives? PLEASE?

King Poseidon is peak combiner. It has a few issues with balance and stability, but it’s the best by a fair margin. It was very expensive, certainly. I feel the paint and new parts justify this. Combination is my favorite gimmick and these guys are my favorite by far. Grade: A++

Bonus Coverage!

It nagged me that King Poseidon can’t hold up a Seacon in gun mode. If only there were a way to attach a sixth robot somewhere else… After some fiddling, I found a way to do this. It’s not perfect, but it works.

I found a way to attach Overbite to King Poseidon’s back! Yup. You can attach Overbite, or any other limb bot, quite easily. Our sharky pal is just visible behind the King’s head.

Overbite attaches by hanging on to Tentakil’s weapons for dear life. You can adjust him to rest his feet more on King P’s shoulders, and even lower his shark head for a sleeker profile. (Looks kinda funny to have a shark biting the butt, tho!)

Check out the up close view of the attachment point in the pictures below. Peg Tentakil’s gun in to the ports for Turtler’s cannons, then use the hands to attach any of the smaller limb bots. Fold the smaller robot around in any way that you think looks cool!

I also included another gun formation in the pics. You can make this using Turtler’s cannons. They really do add some firepower, don’t they?

I normally don’t like backpacks too much, but adding the mass of the sixth bot to the back helps King Poseidon balance better. You can pose the sword and gun more forward without him toppling over. If you come up with a better configuration, let me know!

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