From the Painting Table: Stormcast Eternals Part 2

I completed a considerable amount of Stormcast Eternals models over the past couple months. I experimented with two basic ways to paint this army. The first method, which I used to paint the first models in the army, was to spray the entire model with Leadbelcher. Following this, I used contrast Terradon Turquoise for the teal armor, then painted the parts I wanted to be orange in white, with Gryph-hound Orange contrast paint over that. It worked fairly well for models like Retributors and Persecutors, which are mostly armor.

The models in this lot were NOT mostly armor, and so I tried a new method. This time, I did the orange over white primer first, then brushed Leadbelcher and Terradon Turquoise over the armored sections. I really like the way the orange contrast paint works for flowing fabric like the cloaks and tunics. You have to be more careful using this method, as you can screw up the places where the colors meet twice: once when painting Leadbelher and the second when painting turquoise. It required more touch-ups, but in the end I think the effect was worth it for the mostly-orange models.

Lord Relictor

Evocators and Knight-Incantor



Celestar Ballista


  1. […] At long last, I have finally completed painting every model in my Stormcast Eternals force. There are well over 2000 points worth of models, if I estimated correctly. I believe my first purchase was May or June of 2019, so for just over a year, I’m pleased with the time I spent on this project. (You read check out my previous two posts with painted models here and here.) […]

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