From the Painting Table: Warcry Furies and Raptoryx

About nine months after purchase, I’ve finally finished painting all the miniatures from my Warcry starter set! (Note I traded off my Iron Golems for a Kill Team… uh, team..) These models are nice designs, very menacing, but I’m not sure how much they’ll actually see use on the table. Depends on which scenario you’re playing, I guess.

The Raptoryx were the easiest to paint. I used contrast paints for the most part: Black Templar and Blood Angel Red. I did a heavy red drybrush over the heads and spiky bits, and used Carroburg Crimson shade over the whole mini for a little color. I realized afterwards that these death chickens have more than two eyes, which is weird, right? Used a dot of pale blue for that.

The Furies were very frustrating. I initially used Gulliman Flesh contrast paint over the whole model. Then I painted the wings with two shades of purple. Cleanup of the finicky wing “fingers” was tough, and I used P3 Khardic Flesh for that. It wasn’t a perfect match, but close. The Furies just didn’t look right, though, when they were done. I didn’t care for the kinda boring flesh color. A heavy shade with Carroburg Crimson solved the issue, giving them a more demonic pink tone. Still, these things are a pain to store, with poky bits all over. Ah well, they look cool, so that’s what counts, right?




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