From the Painting Table: Marvel Crisis Protocol

With more time on my hands lately, I’ve been wading through the unpainted miniatures pile at a fast rate. Marvel Crisis Protocol mixes super heroes and tabletop miniatures, and as a comic book fan, I knew I had to pick it up. Thankfully the game is very fun, and I’ve enjoyed the games I’ve played so far.

Painting the minis was a challenge! I used contrast paints as much as possible, and standard Citadel/P3 paints for details. Iron Man, Black Widow, and Crossbones were very simple to paint, while Captain America, Vision, and especially Spider-Man were quite challenging due to the detailed costumes. The most fun was MODOK! Love that character and the mini looks amazing on the table.

The included terrain was fun to paint, as well. The cars were the exception; it was very difficult to get them to look right, and I eventually just stopped and called them “good ’nuff”. I will be adding a “Hey Kids! Comics” sign to the newsstand soon!

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