From the Painting Table: Stormcast Eternals

Like everyone else in the miniatures game universe, I have a small Stormcast Eternal army. I’ve only played a handful of games so far, but I enjoyed them enough to pick up some more pieces here and there. Here’s what I have painted so far.

Most of the models were completed in the same way. I used Leadbelcher as the base. Over this went contrast paint, to give a nice colored metallic look to the armor. Terradon Turquoise was the primary armor color. I used Gryph-hound Orange as the secondary color. Over Leadbelcher, this gave a nice sheen to the armor, and gave nice shades and highlights over a white base for the cloth parts.

Overall I am fairly happy with the look. With so many models in the army, I am willing to take a few shortcuts here and there on the rank and file models. If I have the time and inclination later, I may add some yellow lightning highlights to the detail on the armor.

Check out more of my Stormcast Eternals painting:

Stormcast Eternals 2 Electric Boogaloo



Gryph-hounds and Liberator



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