From the Painting Table: The Blindwater Congregation

I’ve taken a break from writing, haikus, and even toy reviews/photography for a few months. Most of my hobby time has been dedicated to painting my backlog of tabletop minatures. I thought it would be fun to go back and feature some of the painting work I’ve done here at the blog. Apart from the Dracodile, which I painted over winter break, these models were painted last summer.


I’ve been looking forward to picking this model up to be the centerpiece of my Blindwater Congregation army. The figure was easy to assemble, and gaps were generally easy to fill. The amazing textures made simple techniques like drybrushing and washes look top notch. I was going for a “flaming from within Godzilla” look for the spines and I think it turned out well. Used some spare eggs from the board game Terror Below on the base. I might add some green slime effects to the teeth to represent the corrosive breath weapon in the future.

Barnabas, Lord of Blood & Boneswarm

Barney2 is the best looking Warlock in the army, IMO. I wanted to paint him and his unit of Bone Shakers as if they were being consumed by internal flame (an effect I later used on the Dracodile). The effect was achieved by starting with a cygnus yellow base, then dry brushing on heartfire/ember orange/khador red base red/skorne red/cryx base/cryx highlight. The same scheme used on the Bone Shakers was used on the Boneswarm. Given that my basing scheme is swampwater, I decided to use water effects to model a sort of splashing eruption effect. It’s probably not exaggerated enough to attract much notice at tabletop length, but I’m still pleased with it overall.

Dahlia Hallyr & Skarath

I want my army to be Gators and Bog Trogs only, no human/trollblood/elf solos. But Skarath blends in perfectly with the army, particularly the undead snake on Jaga-Jaga. I decided to make Dahlia a spirit, similar to the souls I use on my Sacral Vault. It may seem a little cheesy, but keeping the unified look to the army is important to me. Skarath was a breeze to paint using GW Contrast Paints. Really pleased with the way these two turned out.

Boil Master & Spirit Cauldron

The Boil Master is one of those high detail, visually busy models that populate the Blindwater Congregation. I’ve long struggled with keeping the albino skin and bone colors distinct. Using slightly darker bones seemed the best way to go, but I’m still not thrilled by it. The cauldron itself was fun to paint, though I think in hindsight I could have gone a bit more red/orange on it. I was pleased with the “red hot stones” effect on the base.

Gatorman Soul Slave & Bog Trog Mist Speaker

Not much to say about these two. They are both very busy with textures, and it was difficult to determine how to paint each part. After a good wash with Nuln Oil AKA “Instant Talent” it was easier to go back and highlight details.

Caliban the Grave Walker

Not much to say about this fellow. He’s not a particularly interesting model compared to some of the newer Gators, both from rules and sculpt perspectives. But somebody has to be the last model you paint in an army, right?


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