Seven Days of Optimus Prime

Recently, I participated in a fun challenge on Twitter: Seven Days of Optimus Prime! Each day for a week, participants were asked to post a picture of Optimus Prime. The challenge was started by @SixoTF and I really enjoyed both participating and seeing everyone else’s entries. Here are my posts, and check out this hashtag for more!

#SevenDaysofPrime Day 1: G1 Optimus Homage. Sandwiched the real toy between the catalogs I studied for hours as a kid. Never got him as a kid, see, and that led to a blog post and eventually a chapter in my book

#SevenDaysofPrime Day 2: Heroic Optimus Prime. I chose Combat Hero Optimus Prime for this photo, as “hero” is in the name! It’s one of the few G2 toys I own. Missing the air launcher parts but I still think he’s lovely, especially with the unique color scheme!

#SevenDaysofPrime Day 3: Optimus vs. Megatron. Can’t go wrong with this amazing image. I wrote haikus for every single episode of #Transformers G1, including the Japanese series. Find more at or by the hashtag #tfhaiku

#SevenDaysofPrime Day 4: Alt Mode Optimus Prime. Truck, fire truck, other truck, other fire truck, space truck, and many more… but perhaps the greatest alt mode for Optimus Prime is when he cosplayed as Grimlock.

#SevenDaysofPrime Day 5 (a day late): Headshot Optimus Prime. So many options here, but I wanted to feature something a bit different. This is Mighty Muggs OP. Love these guys, sold my Marvel ones but kept all the Transformers.

#SevenDaysofPrime Day 6: All your Optimus Primes. Well, it’s not all. But it’s a good portion of the ones I have out on display right now. It’s hard to get a good picture of a shelf, apologies for the bad lighting.

#SevenDaysofPrime Day 7: Do As You Wish. I figured I’d feature my most recent Optimus Prime, the MP-10G Ghostbusters crossover. It’s so 1984 it hurts, and I love it!

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