Geek Haiku Starring Ultra Q!

It’s time for another Geek Haiku project! I’ve long been interested in Power Rangers and their Japanese counterparts, Super Sentai. I’m also a fan of Godzilla in particular and giant monster (kaiju) films in general. But I’m a bit weak on my game when it comes to other tokosatsu (special effects) media. I’ve seen Kamen Rider Dragon Knight, a couple episodes of Masked Rider from the 90s, and the early Power Rangers era bandwagon shows like VR Troopers and Beetleborgs. And a little bit of Ultraman Tiga when it aired on Fox Kids many years ago.

Recently, with the Manimalliance, my Thursday night retro TV watching group, I watched a few episodes of the original Ultraman. Then the Netflix series came out, and I enjoyed it quite a bit. Thus I’ve decided to dive into the deep sea of the Ultra series, which has been going on forever.

The recent Blu-ray release of the first Ultra series show, Ultra Q, was perfect timing. Ultra Q is inspired by The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits, but with the addition of giant monsters. I’ve enjoyed it very much so far, and look forward to finishing the series out in the next few weeks.

I’ll be posting daily haikus for each episode on Twitter. I’ll also have them collected here on my blog. Check out my other haikus for various geeky shows at the links above!

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