Transformers Review – Siege Shockwave

Friday Night is a most illogical time for a new #Transformers mini-review, but here’s Siege Shockwave, anyway! I managed to snag the inner, Voyager-sized robot, without the extraneous accessories included to sell the toy at the Leader class price point. Lucky me!

Shockwave is TOTALLY AWESOME. I love the character, I love his iconic design, and I love how this toy’s bot mode absolutely NAILS IT. That’s not an LED, by the way, it’s just the best example of light piping in recent memory. What a handsome noggin!

The G1-accurate big backpack is here, along with the hose connector and pew pew hand. The purple isn’t quite as dark as these photos, it’s nearly exactly the same hue as the G1 toy. That’s fine as it hides the almost-but-not-quite excessive detailing.

Ratchet joints on the knees and hips are super-tight and clicky. He’s even got ankle tilts! Seriously, this bot mode is amazing. It’s G1 with articulation and really what else can you ask for? (Did I mention the light piping?)

The tradeoff for the top-notch bot mode is a weird alt mode. It’s a spaceship. Or a submarine. I mean, sure, if you squint, it passes for a vehicle of some sort. Keep in mind this is missing some intended bits and bobs that add some mass to the back end, as well as some weaponry.

HIDDEN ALT MODE: After a top-secret, very hush hush method of transformation I am not willing to share publicly, Shockwave changes into what might be construed as a handheld weapon of some sort. (Pew pew noises not included, must be supplied by the user.)

Family picture! Siege Shockwave looks right at home next to grandpa G1 and fancy cousin Masterpiece. I’m sad it took us so long to get a Classics/Generations size Shockwave. But I’m glad I was able to get it, and saved $20 for junk I didn’t really want anyway.

I enjoy this mold so much, I’m temped to get the Galactic Man repaint. I don’t really have a spot for it in my newly pruned display. But this toy is amazing and sometimes fun trumps the spreadsheet, illogical as that may be. I’ve gotta hand it to Siege Shockwave… he’s great.

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