Transformers Review: Siege Sixgun

It’s a bit late but it’s time for another “Week of #Transformers Mini-Reviews” entry. Tonight, a toy I didn’t really appreciate until I began the review… Siege Sixgun! Sixgun is a Weaponizer, as befits a remake of a G1 toy made of guns.

Sixgun has a lovely face, very much like Soundwave in red. Aces! I like the chest missile things. Red, black, and white look good on Metroplex and also look great on our dude here. His fists are a bit odd, that’s my only complaint, and a minor one at that.

Sixgun transforms into a spaceship/alien aircraft/awesome looking something or other. It’s a bit iffy but it looks OK from most angles. You can’t expect a top-notch alt mode from a Weaponizer, right?

The aircraft above is the official alt form but as a Weaponizer you can recombine him in multiple ways. I “invented” a flying wing with cannons thing, coupled with a small gun platform. Obligatory exploded form photo included below.

The best part of a Weaponizer is ripping it apart and slapping it on another toy’s 5mm ports. Sixgun has dozens if not hundreds of weapon possibilities. Every time I reposed it here, I discovered another fun look. It’s a wonderful play pattern.

Sixgun is a very good robot, a perfectly acceptable flying craft, and a ridiculously fun set of weapon options for other compatible toys. I like Sixgun so much I will probably keep him out for display, probably connected to Fort Max (no Generations Metroplex for me). Thumbs up!

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