Transformers Review: G1 Warpath

Wednesday’s #Transformers mini-review takes it all the way back to 1985! While rearranging my display recently, I noticed there was no G1 Warpath on my shelves. I am 75% sure I had one before, but *shrug* anyway, $5 on eBay and a few weeks later and he’s back on my shelf!

I’m tempted to BAM KAPOW ZOWIE all through the review but I won’t. Warpath was a fun character on the show, very memorable. As a toy, he’s just OK. The head sculpt is below average, but the cannon chest is cool. He’s no Gears or Beachcomber, but he’s still clunky fun.

That profile… is yuck. The arms look ok from the front view but from the side, bad proportions are made even worse. That back end isn’t pretty, either. Warpath is the Ironhide/Ratchet of minibots. You love the character but the toy is kinda iffy.

Tank mode is where it’s at! You don’t see maroon tanks every day (I don’t see tanks of any color every day, come to think of it). The maroon and gray look good together. Like yesterday’s review subject (Rewind), Warpath has small wheels for rolling action.

The best feature is that swiveling turret! It’s the gold standard of tank toy features. Warpath may not be the best minibot, but he’s a very good tank and that makes him a decent toy. BAM KAZOW POW KABLOOEY!

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