Transformers Review: Titans Return Rewind

The week of #Transformers mini-reviews continues. Tonight, a trip back three years to Titans Return, with Rewind! I had avoided Legends scale for many years, but recently got back into them, and picked up this fellow over the summer!

I’m not a big IDW fan, so don’t feel a real connection to this character. He has a great color scheme, the yellow and red accents really popping against the black and gray. Face sculpt is very nice, love that plate! He’s top heavy due to those awkward Hulk arms.

Rewind has TWO alt modes, a rarity for such a small and inexpensive toy. This mode is a tablet, officially, but with the retro tape sticker on top, it looks more like a tape player to me. Everything folds up fairly well.

The more action oriented alt mode is a tank! It’s not a very convincing tank, what with a teeny tiny cannon and only half the appropriate treads, but still, it’s fun. Bonus points for the tiny wheels on the bottom for desk-rolling action!

All these years I assumed I had a G1 Rewind (thought it came with reissue Blaster). Upon further inspection, I do not, so here’s new Rewind with the G1 version of his moldmate Eject. The G1 version has weird arms, too, so… GEEWUN ACCURACY.

Titans Return Rewind is a good toy. It treads (lol pun) new ground with the tank alt mode, yet is still immediately recognizable as the old-school character. Right now he’s going into storage with most of my other Generations style stuff, but that’s on me, not the toy.

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