Transformers Review – Siege Soundwave Spy Patrol

I’ve got a big backlog of #Transformers to review! Here’s two of them. The Siege Micromaster Soundwave Spy Patrol includes Laserbeak and Ravage. I kinda like one. I very much hate the other. Can you guess which?

Spoiler: I kinda like Laserbeak. His look is very reminiscient of the Cybetronian form revealed way back in the first ep of the cartoon. His head makes him look like a Starrior and I love that. Wish the feet were black, though.

Many toys from the Siege line are a 50/50 blend of Earth and Cybertron alt modes, and Laserbeak is no exception. Too bad they couldn’t give him the rounded wings and everything. I don’t care for this half-hearted approach. Gimme Earth or Cybertron, but not both!

Ravage is just TERRIBLE. After looking at it some more, I think I have it slightly mistransformed (torso should be longer). Still, it’s a terrible look from nearly any angle. I know Ravage has always been a bit of a cheat, but we should be able to do better than this in 2019.

Alt modes are vaguely cassettelike boxes. They are supposed to be armor, but they sure don’t look like armor to me. Laserbeak is the better looking of the two even in this mode.

Here are both toys with their G1 counterparts (sans Ravage’s weapons, which are put away at the moment). Call me a GeeWun fanboy but I think any kid would agree that the older toys are better in nearly every way.

Obligatory Soundwave group shot. There are grooves on Soundwave’s arm that seem like they are intended for Laserbeak perching, but he doesn’t tab in or anything. All told, I regret getting this set. Subpar toys like these are forcing me to reevaluate my purchasing habits.

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