Painting Cthulhu Wars with Citadel Contrast Paints – Base Factions

Very late getting back to this, summer went so fast and the first weeks of school are crazy.

I finally got all the Cthulhu Wars base set factions painted. The process was fairly quick and simple, but still time consuming. The time spent per faction went similar to this.

Priming – 15 minutes
Applying contrast paint – 60-75 minutes
Touchups and painting bases – 60 minutes
Washing bases – 15 minutes
Sealing – 15 minutes

All told, if I did the math right, about 3 hours total per faction. Yellow Sign took longer due to the desecration markers. Bear in mind this also includes High Priests and Brain Cylinders as well as the score and power markers for each faction.

Here are the results. The pictures aren’t great at conveying the richness of the colors, but in-hand, they look good. I’m pleased with the end product. The details show up nicely, and it’s still easy to tell what mini goes to which faction.

Great Old Ones


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