Transformers Review – Generations Selects Ricochet

It’s been just over a month, so it’s time for another #Transformers mini-review! Tonight we look at the recent Generations Select release, Ricochet (aka Stepper). Soft spot in my heart for this guy, as I regret not picking him up in G1 reissue form or the 2011 Japanese release.

Ricochet is a nice looking bot, for sure. The black and white color scheme, with gold and flame highlights, is a winner. Proportions are good. The silhouette is very compact and the back view is perfectly adequate.

Only a few flaws for robot mode. The shoulders are a bit loose, and the tab keeping the chest/hood in place comes undone too easily on my copy. Also, the face sculpt is URGH. It looks as if it has three coats of thick paint on it, obscuring any detail. Seriously, take a look!

Accessories include a small blaster and the PotP hand/foot/gun, which in Ricochet’s case can awkwardly be used as a shield. Oh yeah, he’s a Combiner limb, if you’re into making random Combiners out of characters who aren’t typically limbs. I’m not, but hey, you do you. /shrug

Vehicle form: VROOM VROOM! It’s a very cool car, and the color scheme is particularly awesome. Kinda wish the hood flames were Tracks-sized but that isn’t G1 accurate, so… He rolls well and looks super sweet from all angles.

Minor nitpick: there’s a small gap in the door due to a small misalignment of the pegs/tabs. Also, that unpaintable white nylon on the fenders really needs a sticker or something. Ricochet’s blaster pegs into the roof for ZOOM ZOOM PEW PEW action.

I was expecting to like Ricochet WAY less than the 2011 version, which was a repaint of the Jazz in this picture (one of the best toys of all time IMO). I was pleasantly surprised that Ricochet actually holds his own pretty well. He’s not perfect, but he’s close enough for me.

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