Transformers Review: Siege Rescue Patrol

I’m quite behind on my #Transformers mini-reviews, so I suppose it’s time to catch up. Today’s review is more mini than normal, with a two pack from the Siege line: the Micromaster Rescue Patrol!

First up is Stakeout! This guy was featured in Victory, which I recently haiku-ed. He’s a simple robot, but nice looking. The head sculpt is very ‘toon accurate. He’s back heavy, and loose hip joints make him difficult to stand. The blue parts really pop off the black and white.

I love police car Transformers in general, and Stakeout is no exception. In keeping with the Siege line, he has Cybertronian text on his doors. I’m not a huge fan, and would prefer English or some other terrestrial language for what is clearly an Earth vehicle.

The other member of the two-pack is Red Heat (Red Hot in G1). He’s… all right. I like the head sculpt, and the colors. His hips are even looser than Stakeouts, and pop off anytime I transform him. This also makes him tough to keep steady on his own two feet. Arms seem too long.

Red Heat is supposed to be a futuristic fire truck. He doesn’t really look like one, apart from the red color scheme and ladder attachment. Of course he’s a retool of another vehicle, which explains this. Really wish that fake middle wheel was painted black.

Siege Micromasters combine to form weapons, and Stakeout and Red Heat are no exception. It is supposed to be a “Binerboost Salvage Blaster”. Whatever, it’s a pretty terrible weapon. Both bots’ heads are clearly visible, and it’s just half-hearted. Better than nothing, I guess?

Red Heat’s ladder extends, which is probably his best feature! All told, I’m disappointed in this set. It was just $10, which is cheap. Legends scale figures were this same price point, and seemed like a better value. It wasn’t that long ago we got three mini-cons for $6-8.

I know cost cutting is a thing, and it’s good to have low price point toys on shelves for impulse buying. But I don’t see myself rushing out to get many of these Micromaster sets. Maybe if they release the other two Rescue Patrol members, we’ll see. Overall grade: *shrug*

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