Transformers Review: LG-EX Big Powered Part 1 (Roadfire & Sonic Bomber)


Ok #Transformers fans! Time to review the recent LG-EX Big Powered set. Great to have these late G1 Japanese only releases available. First up is the most obscure of the three bots in the set: Roadfire!

He’s very pretty. The color scheme is a bit busy for my tastes, but it’s very representative of the original. The head sculpt shows lots of personality. I wouldn’t mess with this bot, especially when he’s holding that oversized cannon!

Alt mode is a futuristic tank. If it looks like a half-tank thing with a separate cannon piece attached, well… it is. There’s some significant remolding from the previous use of the mold, Twin Twist. It still looks like a high tech tank, but compromises were made.

Wanna know where compromises WEREN’T made? Paint apps. Roadfire is covered in paint, and it looks great! The set is expensive, sure, but you can see that at least some of that money went into paint.

Part of the gimmick for the original toy was a “base mode”. This Roadfire has one, too. Sort of. If you squint. Clearly the mold isn’t meant for it, but they gave it the old college try. More pics of base mode, plus the Titan(Head)master coming later this week!

Overall, Roadfire is an excellent toy. The robot mode is superb, tank mode is fine, and base mode… is also included. It’s very cool to see them remaking such obscure characters; there’s no way I could afford the original! But I’m thrilled to have Roadfire in my collection.

Sonic Bomber

Continuing on, we come to Sonic Bomber! I love the looks of this bot. The color scheme is fantastic. The generous red, white, and yellow paint apps really pop on the black and gray. It’s a handsome head sculpt, save those weak lips.

The legs are very strange. Takara added parts to the mold (previously Misfire). These parts make the jet mode look just like the old toy, but get in the way of good posing. Even with little back kibble, he tends to fall backwards due to the out-of-place “elf boot” added parts.

Jet mode is a looker! Molding Misfire’s canopy in black alters the appearance in an inspired way. The legs are again an issue. The pointy-toe/wingtips pieces swing around and sort of laces together. It is a little scary to do so, though the piece is somewhat flexible.

The arms don’t disguise themselves well. You can’t tab them correctly without bending them. When you bend these pieces, they look like arms, not jet parts. It’s a bizarre oversight, since Misfire does not have the same issue. Shouldn’t this have been caught in QA? Seems fixable.

And here is “base mode”. I can’t decide which is worse, this or Roadfire, because both are pretty silly. But the original looked pretty dumb in base mode too. It’s a nice bonus, I suppose. More pics including the Titanmaster coming later! Final thoughts…

Upon opening the package, Sonic Bomber struck me as the best of the three. Jet mode is great, and the bot mode is perfect from the waist up. But the iffy legs, jet mode arms, and tacked on boot parts make what could have been superb merely very good.

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