Transformers Review: Siege Soundwave

Time for another #Transformers mini-review, now with new-camera-I’m-not-sure-how-to-use action! Today’s subject is Siege Soundwave. Robot mode is absolutely superb. Only Masterpiece Soundwave is a better robot mode of the character, and this one is just $30!

My only real concern with the robot mode is the excessive detailing. It makes it somewhat over-the-top visually, and would be much better if it were toned down a bit. The cracked chestpiece is a neat effect, but again, very distracting. I will likely remove it later on.

Now the bad news… the alt mode. After Siege Megs, I’m over absolutely requiring the G1 accurate tape deck mode, but this isn’t a great spaceship thing, either. It looks good from one angle, otherwise it’s rather a mess. It’s the price of the sweet bot mode, and worth it IMO.

The real question is… is this my new “Classics” Soundwave? The Titans Return mold is a good toy, and changes into a tape deck. But he’s too big; he towers over all the other “Classics” Decepticons, particularly deluxe Seekers. Siege Soundwave is… uh… superior.

We’ll wrap up with this lovely picture. The original Soundwave is one of the best toys ever, and the show made the character quite memorable. Siege Soundwave may not be a tape deck, but he’s a beautiful toy and a wonderful modern take on the character!

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