The Space Ghost Haiku Project is Underway!

If you had approached young me and asked, “What’s your favorite super-hero?”, 5 times out of 10, I’d have said Batman. Probably I’d have replied Spider-man at least twice of those, and perhaps Iron Man and the Silver Surfer once each. The remaining slot, if you had asked me when I was around seven years old, would have been Space Ghost.

I’m sure I watched the classic 60s Space Ghost cartoons at some point, but his prominent spot in Space Stars, an anthology series that ran on NBC in the ’81-’82 season, truly caught my imagination. I was somewhat obsessed by Space Ghost’s Power Bands, the nifty metal cuffs that let him shoot all sorts of rays. I recall cutting the bottoms of styrofoam cups off, then decorating them and wearing them myself, running around freezing or heat raying my brother, the dog, or whatever crossed my path.

I bought the Space Stars DVD a few years back, and just recently decided to watch the original classic show, as well. And I figured, why not celebrate the amazing designs of Alex Toth and crew with a series of Geek Haikus? Each day, I’ll be releasing TWO Space Ghost haikus. The original series has two episodes pf Space Ghost per half hour, with a Dino Boy sandwiched in between. When I get to Space Stars, it will be either one or two haikus per day, depending on whether Space Ghost appears in the big team-up finale of each hour long episode.

I’m looking forward to watching these classic cartoons over the next few weeks! Follow me on Twitter to catch the daily updates, or wait for less frequent but larger uploads of the haikus to my gallery right here. SPAAAAAACE GHOOOST!!

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