Transformers Review: Siege Megatron

Time for another #Transformers mini-revew: Siege Megatron! Many, MANY “Classics” style Megatrons have come and gone over the years. This is a great one, for sure. Excellent proportions, and great articulation. The oft-maligned battle damage doesn’t bother me at all.

The backpack kibble isn’t too bad, though it does tend to make him a bit back heavy. Sadly the heel supports on mine aren’t tight enough to correct for this, limiting poses. Check out that face sculpt, though, right? Just about perfectly MEGATRON.

Alt mode is a tank, and a cool looking one, at that. For the bot mode to be so G1-yet-not-a-gun, I’m rather surprised they pulled off such a nice vehicle. The leg transformation was non-intuitive for my poor old man’s brain, but eventually, I got there. Peekabo face underneath!

A couple gripes: the ankle tilts on my copy are so weak as to be useless. One side is extremely floppy. I’m a bit perplexed by the neck area. There’s nothing holding it up save a loose friction joint. The slightest bump and the neck sinks. Really could have used a support here.

The real question: Is this the long-awaited replacement for Classics Megatron? For over a decade I’ve never replaced that toy, purely because the alt mode is a gun. Really, though, that’s the only single “advantage” it has over Siege Megs. And that’s barely an advantage at all.

Seriously, which looks more Megatron? By all measures except one, it’s the grey and black guy on the left, not the purple, orange, and lime fellow on the right. It’s official: Siege is my new “Classics” Megatron. If I want a gun Megs, I can look one shelf up at MP-36.

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