Transformers Review: Siege Skytread (AKA Flywheels)

The latest #Transformers mini-review is Siege Skytread! I call him Flywheels, his older name. He’s a Duocon, with two separate alt modes! Not too much kibble on the jet, and the tank required a little plastic trimming to fit right, but overall both are nice.

The robot mode is pretty much perfect! Seriously, it’s gorgeous. Great articulation, fantastic balance, and a nice heft. He even looks good from behind! He lacks the cool auto-transform of his G1 ancestor but I’m willing to overlook that!

Inevitably we must compare Flywheels to his Duocon partner Battletrap. Battletrap’s alt modes also have robot modes, which I love! Flywheels lacks this feature, but the combined form is far better as a result. And look! They can even swap pants. Both are awesome, either way!

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