Podcast Appearance: Ego Check with The Id DM

I first got into blogging many years ago, writing at The Learning DM. During that time, the D&D community online exploded, and I got to know many like souls across the internet. One of those people was The Id DM. The two of us have lots in common, including a love of Star Wars as well as playing Hearthstone (though I’ve pretty much given up the latter).

Michael (Iddy’s real name) recently invited me on his Ego Check podcast. I had a great time chatting with him! We discussed various editions of D&D and had a lengthy conversation about my favorite franchise: the Transformers! I think the episode turned out really well and invite you to check out Ego Check at the link below or on your favorite podcast app.

Ego Check with The Id DM Episode 39 – Marc Allie

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