Legends of the Dark Knight: Marshall Rogers

Back in 1989, with the release of Tim Burton’s Batman, there was tremendous hype for all things batty. I spent all my lawnmowing money on The Greatest Batman Stories Ever Told the first time I saw it, and got the matching Joker tome the next weekend. I spent hours reading and rereading the classic tales from every era of Batman comics.

One of the highlights of these books was the two part Joker story by Steve Englehart, Marshall Rogers, and Terry Austin. “The Laughing Fish” and “Sign of the Joker” were superb. I was familar with Englehart and Rogers from the 80s Silver Surfer relaunch, and of course Terry Austin was the inker of the beloved X-Men Claremont/Byrne run. Though just a few pages long, the story was amazing and the art was among the best I’d ever seen.

I’m ashamed to admit that it took me nearly three decades to seek out the rest of Englehart and Rogers’ Batman work. Legends of the Dark Knight: Marshall Rogers is a hefty collection, featuring all Rogers’ work on the Caped Crusader. Though I vastly prefer the 70s era run the collection begins with, the later work is still excellent. I enjoyed seeing Rogers’ evolution as an artist. Below are some highlights from my read through the collection.

Legends of the Dark Knight: Marshall Rogers is available on Kindle and Comixology. The hardcover is sadly out of print at this time.

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