Transformers Review: Siege Cog

A wild #Transformers mini-review has appeared! A new year, a new line: War for Cybertron Siege. This guy is Cog. He was part of Fortress Maximus back in the day, and now he gets his own release. I think I like him more than my Fort Max, honestly. LOVE FACEPLATE ROBUTS.

Cog is a parts former, you see. You can take him apart and make him into all sorts of stuff. Officially, he transforms into Gasket and Grommet, two little vehicles. Unofficially, you can combine and recombine into a huge array of nifty weapons platforms.

Gasket and Grommet can merge into a sort of longer vehicle… thingy. Even here you have lots of options. I think it was @TFSquareOne who said that the Diaclone remakes like Diabattles are the pinnacle of modern design with parts forming… and Cog feels similar to me.

Another huge draw with Cog is changing into weapons for other toys! I played around with a big gun and sword/clubs for Cerebros for kicks. The new Siege toys can combine in many more ways, but I’ve only got one other Siege toy yet, and he’s not opened, so… maybe next review!

All told, Cog is amazing. I’m not too keen on many of the Siege toys, as I already have toys for the characters already. But Cog and his remolds/repaints have shot to the top of my list. One of the best toys to fiddle with in a long time, for kids or adults!

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