New Co-Optimus Review: Starlink Battle for Atlas

142019.starlink_coopreview_headerI am a fan of the toys to life genre of video games, and love spaceships, so Starlink: Battle for Atlas was a must-get. The combination of sweet toys that go pew-pew and the freedom to explore many cool alien worlds is a good one! Here’s an excerpt from my review over at Co-Optimus, the best site for co-op video games:

Overall, Starlink is a very good game. It’s rewarding in small bursts and there are plenty of cool things to do when you have longer sessions, too. The take on the toys to life genre is a new one: toys aren’t required at all. You’ll probably want to supplement a physical purchase with at least one ship pack. The digital starter, on the other hand, provides more than enough ships, pilots, and weapons for most players. I played Starlink with a 17 year old and a 5 year old, and both of them enjoyed it. The little guy was more enamored by the toys, which is just what you’d expect. Split-screen co-op works perfectly, and blowing up bad guys while flying around in cool spaceships is a great way to spend your gaming time with a buddy.

Check out the full review here!

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