Transformers Review: Power of the Primes Rodimus Prime

Football’s over, so time for a mini #Transformers review! We go back to #PowerofthePrimes for Leader Class Rodimus Prime. The gimmick? The toy “evolved” from a small inner robot to a big combined mode. Here’s Hot Rod, who is just… OK. Very boxy, and I hate those shoulders.


Another weird thing is Hot Rod’s size. He’s far taller than modern deluxes, even towering over the 2006-era deluxe Classics Hot Rod. He’s almost as tall as Grimlock! I know scale is always wonky but still…

Car mode is also very boxy. The sleek curves of most Hot Rods are nowhere to be found here. Due to the combination with the trailer, there is an ugly open area at the doors, and an unsightly seam under the spoiler in the back. No paint on the wheels, either!

Attach the Hot Rod car to the big ol’ trailer and BOOM! Instant evolution to the flaming Winnebago that we all know and love (/s), Rodimus Prime. It is an ungainly mess of an alt mode, with bad foil stickers and extremely visible hands.

After a whole lot of blood, sweat, and tears, you end up with this dude. It’s parts forming at its worst. The shoulders are nearly unposable, the heels are weak, and I’m still not sure I have the upper body attached to the legs correctly. How about those clashing red colors, tho?

Hot Rod’s arms and fists are IN YO FACE, the neck and shoulders are skeletal, and he’s got a ginormous backpack. And he’s SO BIG! As tall as MP Optimus 2.0. I got him to check off a box in my spreadsheet for “Classics Size Rodimus Prime” and he… really isn’t that!


He’s bigger than CW Ultra Magnus and almost as tall as TR Overlord! That ain’t right. I appreciate what they were trying to do here, but it’s just too much. I’m glad I only paid $23 for this toy, and I will replace him immediately as soon as a Voyager scaled Rodimus Prime exists.

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