Transformers Review: G1 Hot Rod

It’s time for another #Transformers mini-review! This time it’s the recent reissue of G1 Hot Rod! I prefer the early Diaclone/Microman stuff over the ’86+ Transformers-specific designs. But Hot Rod is the finest among his peers. Great face sculpt!

This particular reissue has super-reflective stickers. I really dislike them and will pick up some @Toyhax replacements soon. Also, the waist piece on this copy isn’t straight and it drives me nuts. He’s still a good toy, tho, with decent articulation for the time.

Car mode is very nice. The colors are iconic. The chrome piping/engine, bright yellow spoiler, and flame pattern make for a memorable vehicle mode. The transformation is simple and everything goes together quite well.

Hot Rod comes with two grey guns, but unfortunately both of them can’t attach to the car mode at once. Overall, Hot Rod is a great Transformer, and I’m glad I have him in my collection. (I still say it’s his fault Optimus Prime died, though!)

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