Transformers Review: Power of the Primes Bludgeon, Bomb-Burst, & Octopunch

It’s been a bazillion years, but I’ve got some #Transformers mini-reviews to get caught up on! Tonight, we look at the final wave of the cheapie price point from Power of the Primes: Prime Masters! Here we have Bludgeon, Bomb-Burst, and Octopunch. Former Pretenders one and all!

Bomb-burst is probably my favorite of the lot. He’s a cool bat monster on the outside, has a kinda plain grey dude inside that changes into a square… thing, and makes a wicked neato claw weapon for bigger toys.

Octopunch was voted most likely to be a Scooby Doo villain in high school. Lovely Decepticon-y color scheme. His weapon mode is an axe made of tentacles which is about as metal as you get.

Bludgeon: I like his skull samurai look and the metal stick thing is a unique weapon. Prefer the other two but he’s more than adequate. These Prime Masters are a brilliant take on Pretenders. Lots of desk fiddle value for about $6. Much better toys than the Titan Masters, IMO.

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