Transformers Review: The Fembots Ranked

Now that I’ve reviewed all the Fembot #Transformers separately, we consider them as a group! They are a lovely bunch of robots, for sure. Seeing all five together like this is pretty cool, and then upsetting as you realize two of them AREN’T combiner limbs. Rankings in thread!


#5 has to be Chromia. Her color scheme is bland (basically Blurr before Blurr). Kinda pokey all over and the back kibble is stupidly big. She’s not a bad toy, exactly, but far from inspiring.


The two moldmates come next on the list… but which one is the least awesome of the two? #4 is Novastar, aka Firestar. Her paint apps in alt mode are better, but she’s very plain looking in bot mode. The backpack is ugh but not UGH like Chromia’s.


Moonracer, then, is #3. I really like her colors, and her face sculpt might be the best one in the lot. Her hips seem looser than Novastar’s but that’s likely just my toy’s issue, not all. Love how the purple breaks up the large blocks of colored plastic.


I really struggled picking between Elita-1 and Arcee. Both of these ladies are fantastic. Elita-1 loses out mainly due to the shortcomings of being a bot/jet/torso triple changer with all the baggage that entails. Great toy, nonetheless, but still, she’s gotta be #2.


How could you NOT pick Arcee as #1? She was in about 30x the episodes of the others, right? Fans clamored for decades to get a proper figure, and when we did, it was aces. Strongly prefer this mold to the more recent Headmaster (Titanmaster, whatever) version.


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