Transformers Review: Generations Chromia

Time for another #Transformers mini-review! This is Chromia from the Thrilling 30 line from a few years back. I don’t have a strong attachment to the character, as she was only in one episode of the original show. However, she was inexpensive so I figured get all those fembots!


One word to describe Chromia: “spindly”. The upcoming Siege line will have a Chromia, but as a retool of the meh Moonracer mold. I figured a unique mold was better to have. Face sculpt is a fair representation of the cartoon.


Here’s a big reason why I don’t like motorcycle TFs, and Chromia in particular. That kibble is awful! She’s dainty and elegant and very pretty and then has all this crap hanging off her back awkwardly. Hard to get her to stand upright, too. Very disappointing.


Alt mode is fair. Very Tron light cycle, but somewhat flimsy. All told, Chromia is an average toy. I do like her color scheme and great articulation, but not enough to make up for the back kibble and overall fiddliness. All fembots gallery and rankings coming soon!

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