Transformers Review: Power of the Primes Outback

I’m long overdue for a #Transformers mini-review, so here we go! Today we take a look at #PowerofthePrimes Outback! I held out for a long time avoiding Legends scale TFs, but they’ve quickly grown to be favorites. Outback is a good robot with a top notch head sculpt.

Alt mode is excellent, too! The shield piece can be placed in the back (as shown) or on top for variety. There’s even a spot for a lil’ Prime or Titan Master to drive him around. Transformation is simple but effective.

Bonus pics with moldmate Brawn! I was surprised how much I like this guy. I have stronger affection for Brawn, but Outback is really growing on me. Looking forward to getting the add the G1 version recently released to my collection soon.

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