Transformers Review: Generations Arcee

We go back to a 2014 release I finally picked up for today’s #Transformers mini-review: Arcee! An iconic ‘bot, Arcee got a few uninspiring toys through the years, but the Thrilling 30 line gave us the best representation yet! Very cartoon accurate with delightful articulation.

The face sculpt is spot on! Cool accessories, too. The black highlights are a strange choice but it’s a decent color scheme. Only drawbacks in bot mode are the enormous backpack and the squared off hands that make her incompatible with the 5mm standard.


Car mode is more than adequate. Lots of graceful curves as befits a vehicle from the future as imagined in 1986. She doesn’t roll very well due to the smallish wheels, and looks iffy from a few angles, but overall this is a great car mode.

Arcee has one of my favorite features: she stores her own weapons in multiple ways. I like the swords on the side configuration, personally. Overall, Arcee is really great. I wish I picked her up ages ago!


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