Transformers Review: Power of the Primes Punch/Counterpunch

A #Transformers mini-review is nearby… REAL nearby! Today we look at Punch/Counterpunch, the double agent! Is he a good guy or a bad guy? Yes! Punch mode is my favorite. The orange and blue really pop, and I love all bots with faceplates. Chest details are superb.

Counterpunch isn’t quite as spectacular but he still looks great! The darker color scheme is appropriate for hiding among Decepticons. Purple accent on legs echoes the faction symbol, and I like his shoulder configuration more than Punch’s. Wish the thighs actually swiveled.

Car mode is a show stopper. The red wheels pop like Rice Krispies in a bowl of Jolt cola. It’s difficult to tab him together correctly. Supposedly the shoulder joint can be rotated to fix this. The real question: what are those pegs on the back end for? A repaint with a spoiler?

Punch/Counterpunch comes with Prime Master and a Combiner Hand. Both are useless. Any Prime Master without a Pretender shell gets fed to my Trypticon. Punch/Counterpunch doesn’t need gimmicks to be amazing! He’s probably the best toy I’ve got from Power of the Primes so far.


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