Transformers Review: Power of the Primes Novastar

I can’t get really excited about this #Transformers mini-review. I impulse bought Novastar here, knowing that the last figures in a line are typically hard to get later. The question is: did I really need another version of a “just OK” mold?


As with Moonracer, the face sculpt is very nice. The orange and red color scheme is a good contrast to her moldmate. Novastar isn’t as cool a name as Firestar, of course, but because Marvel, I guess? (BTW: saving that all-fembot picture for another review soon.)


This certainly is an alternate mode. I appreciate the painting on the clear plastic hood to obscure the feet hidden inside, something missing on her mint-green twin. Also the gray paint on the wheels is a much needed improvement over Moonracer’s.


Paint apps can’t save the back end, though. In the end, Novastar is better than Moonracer but I really felt as if I was checking a box in obtaining her. That’s not a good way to feel when collecting. Much more excited about some other reviews coming soon…


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