Transformers Review: Masterpiece Starscream 2.0

Another new (well, old) #Transformers mini-review for you this evening! A toy I already had but bought again, albeit reluctantly. Masterpiece Starscream v 2.0 (here in the States) is a nifty upgrade!


What’s not to like about Starscream? He’s easily one of the best characters in all of Transformerdom. It’s odd to think about it, but the red, white, and blue color scheme came from his heroic roots in the Diaclone toyline.


Old MP Screamer on the left, upgrade on the right. The near-white of the older toy is replaced with a more toon accurate gray. I dearly love the panel lines and that delicious smirk on the old SS, but the new toy is an upgrade for sure. Better joints on the null rays, and…


A totally reworked leg and hip transformation. The lengthy kibble on the old Screamer’s hips is gone, and the delicate-to-pose feet are much improved. Once I got MP Thundercracker with these mold improvements I knew I’d need to replace all three!


Yeah, no smirk, but the head is wider, much better proportioned to the rest of the body. The face is almost too dark, though. It’s toon accurate, yes, but in real life the details get lost in the gray.


Transformation is nerve-wracking. Feels like you are going to break something, every time. Looks flat out gorgeous when you do, though. Comes with a nice base and stand, but I can never get it attached well enough. Oh well.


The true test of any jet bot: the underside. Starscream looks about as good as a plane TF ever could. Only the hands really stick out as obvious robot parts.


What’s this? A sneak preview of my next review? Maybe! In the meantime I’ll be telling myself I can keep waiting for prices of Skywarp in this new mold to fall. One last thing: why aren’t the wing logos the same direction on all these Seekers? ARGH.


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